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SG Developments

SG Developments is a specific department that work with property owners/developers, who are looking for projects to build, develop or refurbish. 


Are you looking to purchase a development, please send your email address and details so we can forward you information on what we have available. Contact Form


Please remember we cannot always put available properties on the internet, so please send your contact details.


Not all property owners have the money to realise the full potential, of the property they own. Sometimes it is better to release the capital and move on.


We have buyer looking for the following:

  • Un-modernised flats and houses
  • Plots of land
  • Pre auction sale properties
  • Sites with planning permission


As a property owner you may have one of the above or something completely different you want to sell.  


Call us and let us know no matter how big or small we probably have someone that will buy it from you.


Or complete the form with you basic information and we will contact you. Contact Form